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Why Boris Johnson is finished as PM

The clear law-breaking at parties during Covid lockdown periods at 10 Downing Street is ultimately about leadership.

These are not one-off events. The dates of parties are spread out across more than a year.

Leadership is not just about being in charge. It is about setting an example. It is about ensuring you do what you say. It is about setting an organisational culture.

All bad cultures have poor leaders at the top.

This is what we have in Downing Street.

It doesn't matter whether Boris Johnson was at one, all, or none of these events.

What matters is that the buck stops with him.

Downing Street is his department, his office, his home.

People behave in an organisation in the way the culture that has been set dictates.

People organised and/or attended parties in Downing Street because they felt it was acceptable.

Either that, or they were doing it in spite of the organisation's leadership.

Either way, Johnson has shown his leadership skills to be non-existent.

He either knew what was happening and condoned it; or he did not know what was happening in his home.

And if he isn't in control of what is happening under his nose, how can he be in control of anything else?

It does not matter how you cut it, the prime minister has shown himself to be unfit for office.

Some of us knew this from the start. Some continue to be blind to his deeply-embedded character flaws. Many more have had the scales removed from their eyes in the last few weeks.

There is no doubt in my mind that Johnson is finished. If he survives this, then we will have become a country with no moral compass.

Whether he falls on his own sword, or whether the final blow is delivered by his fellow Tory MPs remains to be seen.

But it is time for him to go.


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