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Newport County AFC: a personal statement

Yesterday I formally informed my fellow Newport County AFC and Supporters’ Trust directors that I had taken the difficult decision to resign as a director of the Club and the Trust with immediate effect.

This decision follows confirmation earlier this week of my appointment as Chairman of Newport Live’s board of trustees, and after much discussion with other County directors and my family.

This appointment not only creates a significantly greater voluntary workload for me, but also an increased conflict of interest that has the potential to compromise myself, Newport County AFC and Newport Live. While I have been merely a board member of both organisations, any conflict has been manageable. As Chairman of Newport Live, doing so becomes extremely difficult bordering on impossible.

I have no wish to put either organisation in an awkward position, hence my decision to stand down as a Club and Trust director.

For clarity, this is the sole reason for my resignation. There is no boardroom split, there has been no behind-the-scenes bust-up, there has been no disagreement with my fellow County directors.

I am fully supportive of all Club and Trust volunteer directors, whether elected or co-opted. Like me, they are all County supporters first and foremost who, in their own time and at their own cost, do what they believe to be in the best interests of the football club we love. It is often a thankless task, but nobody volunteers for roles like this for the kudos.

I’ll continue to support the club with my family as season ticket holders (as we have been for the last 11 years), as an individual platinum Trust member, via my company’s corporate Trust membership, and as a regular match or match ball sponsor. I’ll also be available to help the Club and/or the Trust in any way I can now and in the future as a volunteer.

Thanks to all the directors I have worked with since my election to the Board in 2018 for their support and friendship over the years – particularly those who have been part of the Community Group with me; to the manager and playing staff for their sterling efforts on the field; to our incredibly hard-working club staff and volunteers; and to my wife and my sons who have had to put up with more than they should have.

Finally, and most importantly, thanks to my fellow supporters – without whom this Club would not exist.

Up the County!


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