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Kevin Ward Media offers public relations, communications, media and management services to the private, public and third sectors.

Our aim is to help you build a strong reputation for your organisation. We are trusted, experienced and we deliver the results you want.

Why experience matters...

With 40 years’ media experience, we know what will and won’t work for your organisation and the best ways to get your message across to the right audience.

We work with you and your people to create, develop and deliver expert and professional public relations, communications and media plans for use across all platforms.

We also offer expert management services.

Why use Kevin Ward Media?

We are experienced and trusted with a huge array of contacts across South Wales.


We know what to say, and when and how to say it. And we know precisely the type of content required by today’s multi-platform media.

We want to help you tell your good news stories, but we can also help you steer the right course if bad news comes calling.

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